3.5 Billion years 


This particular blue color originates from the pigmentation of a micro-algae (cyanobacterium), which presence on earth was traced back to 3.5 billion years ago. A long time before the existence of humanity. *


This pigmentation is in fact Phycocyanin, extracted selectively from a micro-algae (arthrospira platensis / arthropsira maxima) and cultivated with a photobioreactor.*

The most efficient way for the body to assimilate phycocyanin is through a liquid form.*


Our spirulina is cultivated in photobioreactors guaranteeing permanent control and safety from pollution. 

It is meticulously tested against metals and other toxins sometimes found in cultivated spirulina algae. 

We make sure our formula is 100% contamination-free before infusion.*


Phycocyanin is extracted directly from the spirulina core guaranteeing a higher concentration and the purest form of spirulina. 

This elixir of life was conceived to regenerate your body through cellular micro-nutrition and help billions of cells maintain a healthy state.*


A thriving mixture of phycocyanin concentrated in a liquid form, which only objective is to revitalize your 37.2 billion body cells so you can enjoy a healthy, active and long-lasting life.*